As a collaborative effort, Otsego Outdoors welcomes your participation. Write to us, send in your ideas, review the trails, make a donation, and share this new and growing resource with your friends and family. Our goal is to make every publicly accessible trail in Otsego County more accessible.


Suggest Trails

Do you know of great, publicly accessible trails, cycling routes, or paddling put-ins that we have not listed yet? Write to us below to send in your suggestion and we will happily collect the information for future use. Your input is always welcome, please send in your ideas today!


Are you looking to connect with the outdoors in a more hands-on way? All three of Otsego Outdoors’ parent organizations are doing great work in our communities and they all need volunteers with a variety of skills and abilities. Write to us below and tell us how you might like to help!

To Get Involved

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